“I would recommend TWI Construction for your billboard construction needs whether it’s repairing, upgrading,  building new, demolishing, or moving structures. TWI has proven their ability to handle complex projects and problem solve effectively. They are dependable, safe, and take pride in their quality of workmanship. TWI requires minimal supervision and assistance.”

– Ed Johnson, Operations, Lamar Advertising Company, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

“It is my privilege to speak to you regarding my experience with TWI Construction.  TWI provides up-grades, new builds, LED conversions, and demolition construction services in the outdoor media market. At my request, TWI has provided detailed itemized bids for work performed at a very competitive cost. TWI is flexible and cooperates fully with any request or issues I have that need attention.  If you choose to obtain TWI’s construction services, you will be pleased with their quality of work and attention to detail.”

– Orlando Ortiz, Senior Vice President of Operations, Clear Channel Outdoor

“TWI Construction is a dependable company.  They have proven their willingness to do whatever it takes to get the job done on the projects they have completed in my region. Their consistency in quality and reliability in completing projects such as new sign builds and re-builds has been impressive. I recommend TWI Construction for your billboard work.  TWI holds a State of Arkansas Contractor’s License and is fully bonded and insured.”

– Ethan Hill, Operations Manager, Clear Channel Outdoor, Northwest Arkansas and Eastern Oklahoma

“TWI Construction has provided many years of construction services to our organization across the Midwest region of the United States.  The work performed has included work on both bulletin and poster structures for upgrades, new builds, LED conversions, emergency response, storm damage, and complete demolitions. I would recommend TWI Construction for your billboard construction needs.”

– John Weidner, Operations Manager, Quantum Structure & Design, Joliet, IL