This one-of-a-kind wall-mounted billboard, referred to as the "Stark Wall Project" is located in Cleveland, Ohio. TWI Construction installed the billboard for Clear Channel Outdoor. This project was one of the most unique and challenging yet.

TWI CONSTRUCTION: Building Outdoor Media

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TWI Construction is a billboard construction company, located in Wichita, Kansas. The company was formed in 1991, by Tony Weber, President. The TWI Construction crew includes sign builders who are certified welders, crane operators and riggers and are qualified in hand signals. TWI’s expertise is steel erection and metal sculpting.

Our experienced crew works onsite, constructing billboard signs throughout the continental United States for our wide customer base. We are qualified in installing new billboards, upgrading existing, commercial sign service, moving, repairing storm damages and demolition of structures. We also have extensive experience in converting static-faced structures to LED faces.

Lexus Banner

 Banner for LEXUS and Orange Barrell Media installed by TWI Construction.

photo 2_eddys

Billboard install for Atomic and Eddy’s Toyota by TWI Construction in Wichita.


Welding, Port of Cleveland.

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